Swat Steve!

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Songs

Swat Steve!

(Tune:  The Daring Young Man on the FlyingTrapeze)

He loves all the wars and he found one for us
When soldiers come back they are told not to fuss
No money is coming to them or to us
It makes us all want to swat Steve.
(Swat Steve! – yell, waving swatters)

He’s working at weakening our social net
And thinks selling weapons the greatest thing yet
When women are murdered no inquiry they get
It makes us all want to swat Steve.
(Swat Steve!)

Bill C-51 it will muzzle us all
Just like the scientists under a pall
No more demonstrations, no dissent at all
Nobody must argue with Steve.
(Swat Steve!)

Pipelines he’s planning for thousands of miles
He doesn’t care how much land it defiles
Oil not renewables makes him all smiles
It makes us all want to swat Steve.
(Swat Steve!)

Canada Post belongs to you and me
For us it makes money with service the key
But Steve wants the privates to collect the fee
And we all want to swat him away.
(Swat Steve!)

He’s starving our Healthcare of funds that we need
Inviting the privates to come with their greed
Spending on Action Plan ads we don’t need
And that’s why we want to swat Steve.
(Swat Steve!)