Song for a Pipeline

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Environment, Songs

Song for a Pipeline

Song for the Pipeline demo:

(tune: Hokey Pokey)


Pipelines leak, / We know they’re gonna leak

Natural gas might dissipate, / Bitumen’s not so neat

We’re tired of propaganda, / The truth we’re gonna speak

Pipelines will leak!


The land will fill with guck. / We’ll all be out of luck.

It poisons the waterways, / And covers all the ducks

We’re left with the clean up; / The companies get the bucks

This truly sucks!


The pipeline’s 55, / Its joints are gonna creak

We’ve had replacement joints / We know they can be weak.

Stand up for Mother Nature, / it’s no time to be meek:

Pipelines will leak!


The answer my friends / Is blowing in the wind

And capturing the sunshine / To make the turbines spin

Forget about the tar sands, / And let the light shine in

Renewables will win!