Silent vigil to mourn closing of Iranian Embassy

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Actions

Silent vigil to mourn closing of Iranian Embassy

When the news hit that the Harper Government has severed diplomatic relations with Iran, we felt we had to take action.  So we quickly organized a silent vigil to mourn diplomacy’s passing.  Here is the obituary:

Obituary for diplomacy:

Diplomacy passed away suddenly on September 7, 2012 at the hands of Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird.  She is survived by those beating the drums of war.  Her death puts at risk the opportunity for a peaceful solution, the lives of two Canadian citizens currently under sentence to death in Iran, and the safety of countless Canadians in Iran who lose protection from their government.  While less likely with the death of diplomacy, may we all rest in peace.

Alice, Alma, Gale, Jake, Jo, Pat and Shannon were joined by other supporters to hand out nearly 200 leaflets and hold our signs for the busy traffic on Metcalfe to see.   While our small action will not change Harper’s mind, we all felt really positive to get our message out and raise awareness on this issue.