Save the Wild Salmon

Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Actions

Save the Wild Salmon

A small group, Cathleen, Gale, Linda, and Jo went to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to say “Save the Wild Salmon” who are getting diseases and dying because of the fish farming on the coast of BC.  Most of it is done by 3 large corporations from Norway who have come here because of our lax laws.  They couldn’t do it there!

Here is the pamphlet we handed out:


The future of wild salmon continues to be fatally compromised by industrial practices that dump toxic waste in wild salmon habitat.

The salmon farming industry has planted itself in the migratory paths of wild salmon around the world, taking no responsibility for the deadly outbreaks of parasites and disease that pass through the open-nets of the salmon farms to wild salmon as they swim by.

In spite of every claim by the salmon farming industry that “best husbandry practices” are used, the problems that come with salmon farming have not gotten better. Sea lice have become resistant to treatments and disease outbreaks continue to be a problem. European viruses that are directly related to salmon farms have been found in wild salmon stocks.

Numerous wild species are dependant on the return of wild salmon each year; Indigenous communities consider wild salmon to be the life blood of their people; and BC’s ecosystem would die without wild salmon. This industry is a death blow to all of that.

Take Action:

Salmon farms in B.C. are 92% owned by the Norwegian companies Marine Harvest, Cermaq, and Grieg. People from around the world are uniting to protect wild salmon, marine species, the environment and all its inhabitants, with a firm message to Norway and the government: there is no acceptable place for the Norwegian owned salmon farming industry to make its profit while wild salmon, the ecosystem, and communities suffer the negative impacts.

Let the governments and industries know that we will not stand idly by while wild salmon are being compromised to death!

Don’t buy farmed salmon!