Grannies at International Women’s Day FEMICON event

Posted by on Mar 11, 2013 in Actions

Grannies at International Women’s Day FEMICON event

When asked to perform at FEMICON, we indicated that we are an activist group, not a choir.  But we wanted to support International Women’s Day, so we offered to talk about song writing instead.  The organizers agreed.  So, in front of a packed auditorium, we explained who the Raging Grannies are, how we decide on issues, and how we write our songs.  For example, we mentioned how we want to use satire and bring current events into our songs.   To keep things lively, we donned our Granny outfits on stage and unfurled some of our recent banners while talking.  We then sang a song, It’s a Long Way to Women’s Freedom, specifically written for the event.  Lots of cheers and calls for an encore, but we left while we were ahead!

Words to the song