Democracy is up for Sale

Posted by on Aug 3, 2014 in Globalization, Songs

Democracy is up for Sale

Tune: I’ve been working on the railway.


Democracy is up for sale here
That we can’t permit
Corporations make the trade deals
MPs just submit


Companies have to make their profits
Doesn’t matter how
Laws are flushed right down the loopholes
And we just have to bow …


We won’t get our drugs
We won’t get our food
Parks and research all will go.
Global corporations
Fiddle with the nations
TPP has got to go!


They tell us we’ll be happy
The economy will grow (oh, oh oh)
But the money goes to corporations
That’s one thing that we know.


Politicians all are hiding
It’s a veil of lies and smoke
We get hunger and pollution
While our farmers all go broke.


Fight the TPP! Fight the TPP!
Free Trade is a sham, you know!
Reject the TPP! Throw it in the sea!
The TPP has got to go!