55 Years Old Pipeline

Posted by on Oct 2, 2013 in Environment, Songs

55 Years Old Pipeline

55 Years Old:

(tune: Flying Trapeze)

It’s 55 years since our gas pipe was laid
Time to retire, it’s starting to fade
Not feed it crude of the dirtiest grade
Expecting that it will not blow.

How fast can we sell all our assets away
No jobs for refining the crude on the way
And then Harper’s petro state’s well on the way
And Canada hits a new low.

Nobody knows what goes into the pipes
Nobody knows it so nobody gripes
But Naptha and Benzine are poisonous types
That get that old tarsands to flow.

And if it gets out as it certainly will
No one has magic to clean up the spill
The poisons’s forever and so is the bill
Remember that we told you so.