Yellow Cake

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012 in Environment, Songs

Yellow Cake

Tune:  Flying Trapeze


They’re baking a cake with a wonderful tint

Is it good for us, well we can give you a hint

If we enrich it ’twill sell for a mint

And we all get to bask in the glow.


Please have some cake, we hear that it’s good

Old Frontenac Ventures tells us that we should

And they mine the stuff so they know that we could

Develop a sort of a glow.


They’re baking, they’re baking a wonderful cake

They’re thinking of all of the money they’ll make

Forget all the tailings, the sludge in the lake

To give us a sort of a glow.


And meanwhile the leaders of the Algonquin band

Are _pun_ished for their _cour_age in de_fend_ing the land

And protecting our water by taking a stand

Against that dangerous yellowcake glow.


Yellow cake, yellow cake, from down the mine

It takes a lot to extract and refine

Frontenac couldn’t care less if we shine

With a beautiful yellowcake glow.