About Us

We say what we think about peace, justice, equality, and politics, and we say it in satirical songs.

We write our own satirical lyrics to familiar tunes, dress in old fashioned “granny” clothes and outrageous hats.
We perform at rallies, demonstrations, protest meetings – and sometimes in “guerilla fashion” on our own, in places and at times when we may not be wanted (but SHOULD be!). We never assume, but make sure of our facts.
We rage in song to get our message across to the widest audience, and because we are not “Entertainers” we do not charge. Sometimes, however, we are offered an honorarium which helps with our expenses.
As Raging Grannies we dedicate our efforts to the children of the world in hope that they may live in peace and harmony, safe from pollution and war.

Join Us

The Ottawa Raging Grannies are happy to welcome new members.  Grandchildren are not required!  Neither is a good singing voice.  If you think you might like to join, please drop in at one of our meetings.  Check our calendar to see when and where.  Or go to our contact page below and ask that we contact you.


The First Group to call themselves “Raging Grannies” sprouted in the winter of 1986-87 in Victoria, British Columbia. Several peace activists who had been doing street theater began dressing up in outrageous hats and singing satricial songs to protest against nuclear submarines, uranium mining, nuclear power, militarism, racism, clear-cut logging, and corporate greed. They were sometimes arrested but never taken to court.
Raging Grannies groups quickly sprang up clear across Canada, all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in the United States. Each group changes the words of familiar tunes to suit their particular circumstances.

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