LOBLAWS SUCKS (TUNE: JINGLE BELLS) Loblaws made a deal The unions said OK If someone wants to work They must take lower pay And then besides the cuts Their time it will increase And if the workers don’t agree They’re handed their release CHORUS Loblaws sucks, their union sucks We should all protest We won’t see a smiling face Workers at their best Longer hours, lower pay What are unions for? If unions work for companies Let’s show them the door. They say Wal Mart’s the cause The giant is to blame They say they must compete And treat their staff the same these companies grow rich Their workers can’t get by And nobody is happy now And we all wonder why CHORUS Big companies don’t care Because they want it all Employees they don’t dare Complain and take the fall And that’s why they depend On unions do to that The unions went and made a deal And left the people flat CHORUS

On the Hill (Child Care)

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Tune: Jack and Jill Stephen Harper on the Hill Just listen to the Grannies: Giving parents cash in hand Is not a child care program! Children are not property, We all must help to raise them, Build our future citizens Through public funded childcare. Stephen Harper, public good Is why you are in office. Forget the Tory party line And listen to the people! Families need our support And child care is one answer: Professional, accessible And universal child care.

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Womens Day

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I rode my bike down to Sparks and Elgin for noon. As you suspected,Jo, no other Grannies were there. But a fine gang of PSAC women and some men were there, handing out banners, noise-makers and “pink slips” We walked up to the PMs office, now protected by police in protective gear, and a new barricade. Irene Mathyssen,NDP MP spoke (but the loudspeaker did not work!) She emphasised that women had not yet gained equality in Canada. Others spoke – we could mail the pink slip to the PM-for free of course! I got some great shots, to be published ASAP We gave Stephen the Pink Slip.

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