Raging Grannies Rap

Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Globalization, Social Justice, Songs

Raging Grannies Rap

Sinkin, sinkin, sinkin, sinkin

Greed has hit and leaves us thinkin

The one percent will get away

In tax free havens they will play

Profits grow and justice shrinkin

That’s just – stinkin


Money, money, money, money

The banks get rich, and it ain’t funny

The sneaky ways, the banks get paid

Our money, we can not afford 

to  Give  away


CHORUS: Money, money, money, money

Whosemoney? Ourcash? (point to bank)

Money money money money


The one percent leave the rest of us

With nothing left except to fuss

They borrow cash at one percent

Eighteen percent on creditcards

Is what we pay, that reallysucks

What –the -F… (cover mouth)


Money, money, money, money

CEOs so rich, that it ain’t funny

The one percent leave the rest to sink

Our debts their gain, it makes us think

So what to do? A bank divorce

would be good – for – you.


Divorce, divorce, divorce,  divorce

That’s the thing to do, of course.

We need to get our cash away

Where’s a safe place it can stay?

A credit union just  might