Who Needs Kyoto

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Environment, Songs

Who Needs Kyoto

(Tune:  I’m Just Wild About Harry)


The North is getting much hotter

Ice caps melting in the sea

Don’t show us a photo

We don’t need Kyoto

Everything’s fine, you see

Hurricanes coming weekly

Floods as deep as they can be

Oh, we don’t need to do Kyoto

We just need taxing cuts

That takes lots of guts

Our planet’s fine, you can see.


Harper’s got a strict program

Each step his priority

Kyoto’s annoying

Not very buoying

To his Prime Ministry

So ignore all the disasters

He’s got superiority

He’ll just make Mother Nature shut up

We don’t need Kyoto now

Who needs Kyoto now?

Tories are all climate-free.