Gotta Go! A Plea for Toilets in the LRT.

Posted by on Feb 17, 2015 in Environment, Songs

Gotta Go! A Plea for Toilets in the LRT.

(Tune:  Be Prepared, The Boy Scouts’ Marching Song)

Gotta Go!  No use telling me to wait
When I know that it soon will be too late
Gotta find the nearest possible dépot
Can’t just tell my personal river not to flow.


Gotta go!  Whether pee or dreaded poo
Where to go?  When the world is watching you
It isn’t just the tourists who must find a better way
Though Ottawa’s the capital, we live here every day
If you build it we will come, and there’s the woe – 
Gotta go!


Need to pee!  When we take the LRT
It’s the key in the Park and Ride, you see
Our city will step up and lead the line
When we see the handy Toilet on the sign



It’s not smart to put the horse before the cart
Have a heart so we know before we start
Building great attractions and a transportation line
Without the comfort stations that most civil states define
It’s an urgency emergency, you see –
Gotta pee!